Merry Christmas!

We hope this finds you well and celebrating the season in whatever manner brings you joy. For us, that always means solving a good puzzle or challenge. Scroll below to take a closer look at the two images and see if you can find the differences. The answer key is at the bottom!


1. Lego Porsche on shelf
2. Rug
3. Art on wall
4. No laptop bag
5. Laptop open
6. Casey shoes
7. Casey wearing glasses
8. Casey wearing a watch
9. Tennis racquet red
10. Merrick and Tyler in their places
11. Holding tumbler
12. UW coffee mug on desk
13. Desk plant
14. Red pingpong paddle red
15. Books on left shelf spine not showing
16. Hand art says”rock on”
17. Time on clock 11:43
18. Orange to puzzle on shelf
19. Wooden duck on desk
20. Christmas tree lights on
21. Jordan figurine shooting
22. Red pen
23. Books on desk
24. Red car on desk
25. Brown glassy baby
26. Casey’s son River in photo
27. Jax on the desk


1. Mustang on shelf
2. No rug
3. New art on wall
4. Laptop bag
5. Laptop closed
6. Casey different shoes
7. Casey no glasses
8. Casey no watch
9. Tennis racquet yellow
10. Merrick and Tyler switch places
11. Holding mug
12. Mug of hugs on desk
13. New desk plant
14. Red binoculars
15. Books on left shelf spine showing
16. Hand art says “hang loose”
17. Time on clock 12:24
18. Green top puzzle on shelf
19. Wooden buffalo on desk
20. Christmas tree lights off
21. Jordan figurine dunks into plant
22. Blue pen
23. Different books on desk
24. White car on desk
25. White glassy baby
26. Brief case in photo
27. Jax not on desk

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Price, Gardner & Rutledge
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